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Information on my hobbies and interests...
CARS I do have a interest in cars, particularly the track racing variety and electrically propelled vehicles (not milk floats).
Computers One hobby is the customisation of computers, here are the photos of my latest efforts.
CYCLING A really good way of keeping fit and moving from A-B enjoyably (weather permitting)
SNOWBOARDING A really expensive hobby that I rarely afford to do but extreme fun for sure. I have my own kit but are completely crap at this, still I enjoy it.
SURFING This is good fun, I love being in the sea and not such a great swimmer so a floating thing comes in handy.
WALKING/CAMPING This is always great fun for me but its not so fun alone and I hardly get anyone interested in coming along with me. Have progressed in age for hardcore camping to comfort camping.
DIY Everyone with a house invariably ends up with this hobby, not through choice but from the poor quality and availability of the professionals.
SHOOTING This is not gangland drugs culture type shooting this is the sport or target shooting and also an interest in Military Firearms from a previous job.
Cooking We all need to eat to survive. I quite enjoy experimenting with recipes and pushing the boundaries of various styles of cooking.

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